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A wide range of professional business services

Happy HelperCo started three years ago with a passion to support business owners ,creators and coaches to create their brand presence and achieve their business goals. We supported +500 businesses to create unique brand identities and increase their social media presence.

Along the way, our team grew and we expanded our services to serve more audience with a variety of services including business owner bootcamp, social media marketing workshops, marketing strategies consultation sessions, monthly packages and more.

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, and results in a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines a cost analysis.


Our Services

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities.


The Business in Digital Era

Featuring special programs for Personal Branding & Video Marketing workshops.

Monthly On-site training workshops for business owners, creators and coaches through our signature Business Camp: "The Business in the Digital Era". We worked with a large number of clients from various industries.

The Business Camp Includes:

  • Build Business Workshop.
  • Social Media Marketing Bootcamp.
  • Branding and Designing Workshop.
  • Personal Branding &Video Marketing Workshop.

Many of our attendees successfully grew their social media account and got a significant increase in conversions, sales and client retention.


Meet Our Team

Helping your create & build winning business strategy that converts

Reham Saad
Reham Saad
Founder and Lead Marketing Manager

Marketing and business consultant. Founder of Happy Helperco, I trained 300+ business owners, creators and coaches in how to grow on social media ,develop their own strategies and personal branding.

Additionally, I have seven years of experience working in the field of digital marketing with different industries. My career began at Vodafone Egypt where I worked till I was a senior specialist in social media marketing. I then joined the Vodafone Group as a business analyst.

I’m so passionate of discovering people strengths and turning the idea into a project to start business with Passion.

Mourad Abou Elnaga
Mourad Abou Elnaga
Social Media Marketing Trainer & Content Creator

META certified marketer that started as a photographer and content creator on social media and later helped hundreds of accounts create their own content in different ways.

My main aim is to allow every business and content creator to reach all their target people while being themselves. As, from previous experience, all it needs is the right plan.

Farah Fathy
Farah Fathy
Social Media Consultant & Assistant Brand Manager

When you can literally choose “Happiness”🌻 Farah aka Joy, brings her energy and love for positivity and spreading joy everywhere she goes. She is known for creating content on positive psychology on Instagram.

*When it comes to understanding your brand, using branding elements to create a strong brand, creating relevant content that is fun and positive yet professional, Farah can be your go to.* Farah was a marketing teaching assistant and her passion to give and pass knowledge and expertise made her now one of the Happy Helper team members!

Mayar Emad
Mayar Emad
Social Media Marketing Trainer

I trained entrepreneurs and creatives on how to elevate their content marketing skills and strategies.

Kicked off my career path as a content creator in 2012 and decided to shift into academia in 2016 as an academic writing university instructor while perusing my MA degree. But that didn’t stop me from following my passion in marketing through freelancing and joining Happy Helper team in 2020.

Combining both my ten years of experience in the field and my academic knowledge, I deliver sessions at HappyHelper Co with pure joy and love of making others able to unleash their creative potentials.

Graphic Designer Instructor

Certified graphic design instructor, specializing in helping students develop their artistic and technical skills in order to create high-quality graphics. My teaching style is engaging and interactive using a variety of techniques to ensure that my students get the most out of their learning experience.

Photoshop, Illustrator & Canva Expert; specialized in designing logos, social media posts. Passionate about creating thoughtful visuals that capture the essence of a brand and make an impact. Professional English translator & Content creator with more than 10 years of experience in a wide variety of fields.

As content creator I am adept at researching and creating compelling content for various platforms, including blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media. I have experience working with various digital tools, and have a strong understanding of how to optimize content for SEO purposes.

Maraym Saad
Maraym Saad
Account Manager & Content Creator

She is in charge of making sure that the client’s needs are met because she is a detailed content creator.

Noura Gouda
Noura Gouda
Senior Graphic Designer & Founder of Rays Design Studio

Senior Graphic designer with more than 7 years of experience in managing graphic design projects from inception to execution. Worked with leading agencies in Egypt and multinational brands clients such as Pepsi, Vodafone, Noon.

Highly skilled in photo and video editing with a mastery of Adobe Creative Suite. Past projects range from video advertisements to social media content.

Keep your business top of mind with your sales pipeline by make your content stand out, building a library of well-designed marketing materials, differentiate yourself from your competitors. I can help you put together a campaign that draws your target audience and makes them want to read what you’ve got to say.

Mohamed Medhat
Mohamed Medhat

  • Dr. Hadeer El-Makrahy
    Reham is the best marketing consultant ever. She is very hard working and very passionate about her work. Thank you for all your support .
    Dr. Hadeer El-Makrahy
    Marketing Consultations - 07/03/2022
  • Salma Sherif
    Amazing, informative and detailed workshop. I learned al lot and got motivated to start my own business and apply the knowledge that I gained from Specialists like Reham, Maya, and Morad. Thank you !
    Salma Sherif
    Workshop Attendee - 01/12/2022
  • Khadiga Rehab
    Loved the session, extremely useful and extremely beneficial. Reham has the talent to take you step by step through the entire process very knowledgeable, very well educated about the topic . Recommended
    Khadiga Rehab
    Workshop Attendee - 01/02/2021
  • Dr. Nehal ElKoshairy
    I increased my follower count by over 30k and doubled my income in six months. Supportive, innovative and dedicated team. Best marketing partners ever!
    Dr. Nehal ElKoshairy
    Monthly Marketing Program - 01/09/2022